Why Should I Donate?

This project is currently self funded. I have kind friends that have made invaluable contributions (design, advice, feedback etc) but the initiating of the project, funding the domain registration and hosting, the building of the site and spreading the word have been carried out by myself and have taken a considerable amount of time and energy. If you like the idea and would like to show your support then you are welcome to donate. If you have your own creative ideas on how you'd like to donate then please contact.

Where will my donation money be going?

  1. Services necessary for running this web site and that are unable to be paid for by exchanging potatoes: communications / internet connection, domain and web hosting etc.
  2. Furthering the development of the Earth Neighbours web site as a tool to empower people to create communities focused on earth regeneration and conservation.
  3. Supporting the development of my own project: Quinta das Moitas

How can I donate?

This web site is about encouraging and supporting fair exchange and a new economy. For this reason donations of all kind are accepted. Some methods that may be most convenient to you are listed below.

Declaration of Interdependence

With respect to funding, this initiative wishes to focus on connecting directly with individuals and groups or via crowdfunding platforms.

Please note that your contributions are not tax deductible. This site is not subject to donation tax laws in order to remain independent from any government influence.