• Intentional Community
    It is not trying to create intentional communities. The idea is rather to help create neighbourhoods of earth respecting people living autonomously on their own land, sharing and respecting each other's vicinity and boundaries, free to help and support each other develop their individual projects and working in synergy towards the goal of earth regeneration. Of course it is also a community as there is a common unity. Any intentional community that has 'earth care' as one of it's core values is encouraged to participate.
  • Okupa Movement
    It is not an 'Okupa' movement, a speculative land grab opportunity or an agressive land acquisition action. All actions are based on respect, so the first step with respect to vacant land should always be finding and approaching the rightful owner and asking about possibilities, explaining honestly what the intention is and working out an agreement, or proposing a creative solution. If there is no owner that can be traced then proceeding with care and sensitivity towards (current) legislative matters. Communication and working with local villages is encouraged, as they are very much a part of the support network that will help to make this happen.
  • ReOccupy?
    If the word 'reoccupy' occurs in relation to Earth Neighbours then what is meant is simply 'to occupy again'. Any connection to connotation associated with the 'Occupy' movement is simply a play on words. Earth Care people wish to invest their energy into the land and work with (real) natural forces, not into protesting against illusory forces. They are about taking responsibility for oneself and for what they create. It's just a question of focus. Their focus is on what needs doing, not on what needs doing away with.
  • Is it Activism?
    What is activism?
    The answer is yes AND no! Perhaps the more important question though is 'What is being acted upon?' If true activism is about acting from the heart and being guided by inspiration, then yes, this is activism. It is about doing what one feels passionate about doing. If you have a LOVE for the earth then perhaps this is the path that will help you come full circle.
  • Real Estate Advertiser
    It's not a site for advertising real estate. There may however be some projects where the neighbouring land could be under contract with an agent. This will be circumstantial. Back handing with real estate agents is highly discouraged. I have no objections to people making something out of an exchange but I ask that it is based on a transparent, ethical and mutually fair exchange system. At present there are no costs intended for posting your project. I intend to keep it that way, however if the site offers valuable assistance to anyone then I would ask them to consider how this site is being supported and whether they might like to offer assistance in return. Everyone should judge for themselves what they feel is fair.

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