This web site is a bridge, and it is not built by my work alone but also by the kind people that have given their help. This is a thank you to those people. The pillars that have helped to support the building of this bridge.

Sara Spimpolo
My dear friend and neighbour Sara has provided the aesthetically pleasing web site design. Thank you Sara for your patience in dealing with me during my indecisive times.

Lionel Theodore
Dear friend who offered tons of invaluable creative ideas and guidance on how to help communicate the MESSAGE clearly.

Delanie Sky
A sincere and honest sounding board off whom I was able transmit signals and receive a clearer picture in return.

Anaíza Gonçalves
Iza got in touch with me by email after Ajudada and kindly donated her translation skills so that the entirety of the site, and its message could be understood clearly in Portuguese. There were other translators also who helped (listed below), but Iza was the master translator who gave her thorough eye to revision work and making sure the Portuguese version of the site was translated in a consistent fashion. Thank you Iza!

Other Translators that I'd like to thank for their help:

Maria João Dionísio
Sonia Soalheiro
Frederico Valsassina
Sofia Rodrigues