• Does the science of Permaculture Design inspire you?
  • Do you like the idea of being around other like-minded people working on their own creative projects?
  • Would you like to be getting your hands dirty knowing that you are working in the same direction as your neighbours; towards a sustainable and abundant earth?
  • Do you believe that small scale solutions will solve our global problems and that local activism will lead to global change?
  • Are you open to learn a new language (aside from Portuguese) to settle any potential conflicts? A language based on human needs.
  • Do you have a vision of how it could be and do you believe it's possible?
  • If you feel that this is a calling then it's hoped that what is offered here can help you and guide you along your way. The site is not a 'how to' site. It won't give you all the answers. It's here to help you connect with other like minds and provide the opportunity to engage in a co-creation with your neighbours.