Existing earth care projects are able to act as points of contact and facilitate connection to surrounding vacant and abandoned land (or in some cases access to a portion of their own land). By attracting others aligned with the same vision, it aims to help create focal points of synergy, or 'neighbourhoods', that can work together for the regeneration and protection of the local ecology.

Below are two sub headings. One applies to those who are already doing it, the other applies to those that wish to begin.

Are you an existing earth care project?

If you have already initiated your own earth care project (or are about to), are interested in forming a neighbourhood and know of abandoned places around you that are potentially available (or wish to work out an arrangement with some of your own land) then you can begin by registering your project. At this point you do not need to send any details of available land.

By registering you are indicating that you are interested in having earth respecting people become recognised custodians of what is either currently a portion of your own land or land surrounding your own. Your project will then be listed in the projects section so that people can connect with you directly.

The degree to which you help facilitate the process of custodianship will depend on you. It is hoped that you will be able to facilitate some of the process at least, such as connecting with owners etc. The initiative will be working on building a database of helpers who can provide assistance with this and any of the more complicated issues that can arise. There are opportunities for those who wish to help.

If you already have clear details with respect to what land is available then this can be submitted after registration via email.

Are you looking for land to start your own earth care project?

If you are looking for land to start your own project and would like to be involved in a collaborative venture such as this then please take a look through the listing of projects that have signed up so far. If you'd like to be notified as projects go live then you can submit your email for updates

If you'd like to see more projects get involved then please help by spreading the word ...

Help build up the FAQ's! If you have any questions please get in touch.