Right Now?

Currently I'm looking for people that can help with translation. If you can help then please get in touch.

In Future?

It's just an idea at the moment but I would like to include a 'fair exchange trading platform' that can allow people to post their 'needs' and connect with others in the local area who can help. There may need to be some kind of rating/vetting system in place but the idea will be to promote interchanges of trust with locals as well as between other earth neighbours.

Below are listed some examples of the kind of help that is anticipated being needed. If you have other ideas you'd like to share then please contact.

  • Help to locate owners of land? Know about the law?
    Much land in Portugal is abandoned. Even though abandoned, there is an owner, many times hard or impossible to trace. Current legislation and vision on ownership is a factor that only complicates, or even inhibits, integration into regeneration projects (such as what is being initiated with Earth Neighbours). Help is needed on creatively dealing with the issue of how individuals, families or groups with little or no money, that wish to give their energy to earth care can become the recognised custodians of land and examine if there are ways to formalise this status within the current legal system or effecting necessary changes. If you have useful information you would like to share then please get in touch. There will also be an open discussion on this topic at Ajudada.
  • Can you translate / interpret?
    Some people will not be fluent in Portuguese and there may always be a need for a fluent speaker to help with respect to such things as negotiating with owners etc
  • Boundary markers?
    The Portuguese land registry does not carry drawings of land boundaries. It relies on referencing neighbours lands (so therefore depending on what's agreed with the neighbour). I like the system a lot. It's very personal. However for the sake of any potential earth neighbours that wish to know the boundaries of what they consider to be 'their project' and be clear on the limits of what they need to design within, then it could be a very useful service.
  • Are you a Permaculture Designer?
    There will always be a need for teachers!

If you would like to register an interest then get in touch via the contact form.