Guidance and Protection

A collective of autonomous individuals and groups that can work together (an empowered community) to guide and facilitate the regeneration process; improve soils, forest and water balance as well as protect the land against ecocide (man made fires, reckless hunting, poisonous chemicals added to land, monocrop farming and potential GMO farming are just some examples).

Creation of a Safe Space

  • Creating a space of Love. Love for what each individual / group wishes to carry out with respect to their particular project / passion.
  • A space in which solutions to problems can be found creatively and with support of neighbours.
  • A space in which the development and evolution of ideas can be nourished. Ideas that not only serve the neighbourhood but also the greater community. For example, organising community run local markets or CSA schemes to encourage farmers to grow sustainably, introducing alternative economies to help local economy, organising awareness raising events, all things that can benefit and provide for the needs of the greater community (surrounding villages etc).
  • A space in which a transition to a new paradigm can happen safely.

Sharing of Knowledge

In a transitional world there is much confusion. Application of sustainable and ethical models must be exemplified to show those who are less knowledgeable a better way to practice a life based on sustainable principles (which are based on evidence and facts!).

Restoring Abundance.

As sad as it is to see all the deforestation that's occurring on this planet and to know that such things as desertification are only just becoming recognised (Portugal has been 'officially' recognised) there are proven ways to regenerate land (as shown here) and people that are willing to be part of the regeneration process, having been inspired by the wisdom of how it can be done. It's as simple as each one creating their own Garden of Eden.


Help Earth Neighbours by sharing and spreading the word.