AJUDADA is an international gathering that will take place on the 14, 15 and 16 of June. Its participants will bring their visions and skills to Portalegre to plan viable solutions for development together with the local community.

AJUDADA is an open dialogue fostered by ordinary citizens in search of solutions for current challenges, inspired by the key values of giving and sharing.

AJUDADA is a moving project that aims to raise awareness and to promote actions that value local resources and secure a brighter future for the local community.

AJUDADA believes that everyone has a role in the local economy and thus invites everyone to bring their dreams and join the ongoing transformation.

I will be opening a discussion / exploration on Saturday 15th on the following theme:

Much land in Portugal is abandoned. Even though abandoned, there is an owner, many times hard or impossible to trace. Current legislation and vision on ownership is a factor that only complicates, or even inhibits, integration into regeneration projects (such as what is being initiated with Earth Neighbours). I would like to harness the spirit of gift economy and focus it on creatively dealing with the issue of how individuals, families or groups with little or no money, that wish to give their energy to earth care can become the recognised custodians of land and examine if there are ways to formalise this status within the current legal system or what it is that needs to be changed. I have no answers yet, this is to be a shared exploration.

Check the Ajudada web site for more information:

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