A growing number of people - inspired by Permaculture and earth regeneration - are searching to find accessible land and put into action what they can do to 'be the change they want to see in the world'. Many of them feel the need for community and would like to be working in synergy with other sustainable projects that share the same intention and direction.

The aim of the initiative is:

  • To connect existing earth care projects with like minded people who are searching for land and wishing to start their own sustainable project here in Portugal.
  • To help create supportive neighbourhoods made up of people sharing a common vision and collectively working towards the restoration of healthy soil and forest.
  • To encourage the creation of conscious and responsible rural communities that are willing to:
    • Share/exchange knowledge, skills and surplus energy amongst themselves and surrounding communities.
    • Work with ethical, decentralised economic models (local and global) that support 'fair exchange' and respect for the earth.
    • Act in accordance with Earth Law, help to raise awareness of, and creatively tackle relevant topics that are causing destruction to their local ecology (Ecocide).