My name is Millo. I grew up in Australia but I'd lived in London and Barcelona working as a web site builder (integrating design and function) during the 15 years prior to moving to Portugal.

I completed my PDC in 2009 during a return visit back to Australia. While there I also learnt more about communities and discovered "The Rainbow Region", an area with a high concentration of intentional communities that had begun establishing themselves since around the early 70's when permaculture and land sharing laws were beginning to develop - a place that continues to inspire me.

I finalised ownership of my land in late 2010 and began living here permanently from mid 2011. Thanks to some gifts I was able to start planting trees right away. My main focus is on developing my farm project and ideas that help support that, however I still require some outside work in order to get by. I'm now living with 2 other characters on the farm, Jobi and a little fella by the name of Willi.

I'm very interested in learning techniques that can be used to help regenerate resilient landscapes and restabilise climate and I'd like to help bring people together to synergize the regenerative effort without having to get large institutions involved. I'm also interested in alternative economies and how to support a system that doesn't rely on destroying natural resources (or create wars) in order to function.

I'm grateful to be in a position where I can be doing something positive. The idea of Earth Neighbours came back in late 2011 when I realised the land around me needed protecting and saw a vision of what it could become. Since then the ideas been germinating and now it's finally sprouted. .

This web site is for those walking the same path as me. I hope it makes the journey a little easier.